Welcome to Greenland

A tour to Greenland means to immerse in a very different world of lonely landscapes, hardy wildlife and a very different culture, enjoy the bright nights of the summer and the northern lights when darkness returns in the autumn. To fully enjoy your Greenland experience we recommend that you prepare yourself well. Greenland is a huge territory, with limited infrastructure and impossible to explore fully in just a short visit. Concentrate on a certain area or region, depending on the experiences you hope for and the season. We will help you plan the trip so that you get the most out of your visit.

General information

Greenland - Kalaallit Nunaat

Introduction to the largest island in the world.

General information

Weather and travel season

Weather has its own rules and each season its own charm.

General information

Nature and wildlife

Face the impressive Arctic landscapes, observe nature and wildlife.

General information

Population and culture

A sparsely populated country, but rich in culture, linking modern life and old traditions.

General information

Travel practice

Good to know on your way.

General information

Equipment list

Some general advice.