Nonni Travel
Our Company

Iceland. Greenland. The Faroe Islands.

We at Nonni Travel truly believe that those three countries are the most awesome places to be! Each country itself promises a unique experience and unforgettable memories. Each of them is completely different, each of them carries their own unique signature and spirit but they all stand for their breathtaking natural beauty, their pureness and authenticity and their fascinating Nordic cultural heritage and lifestyle.

Our story

Nonni Travel is a fully licensed travel agency and tour operator located in the beautiful North of Iceland. Nature lover Helena Dejak founded Nonni Travel in 1988 and managed the company for more than two decades until Ingi Þór Gudmundsson made his dream come to and stepped into her footsteps 2016, together with the Nonni Travel team.

In 2018 Nonni Travel celebrated 30 exciting years of company history and is proud of being a trustworthy & reliable name and source of inspiration to our clients and partners from all over the world. Within its history Nonni Travel even received The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Heidi Andersson Pilot Project Award for excellent work and dedicated participation in linking tourism and conservation in the Arctic. We feel proud of this reward.

Our mission & service

We want our clients to experience the spirit of the Arctic that we love so much and show them what we believe are Europe’s best hidden secrets. We want our customers to enjoy themselves, to be able to connect with the beauty of our destinations and go home with this certain glow in their eyes and a lot of good memories.

  • We provide services in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands based on our extensive experience and networks in these countries
  • We offer an awesome selection of tours – both standard and tailor-made & private – for indidvidual travellers, groups and cruiseship visitors all designed by ourselves or carefully selected from chosen partners
  • We are in love with creating self-drive packages of any kind – from adventurous to slow travel
  • We design unforgettable group experiences both guided and private
  • We organize conferences and events (Our newest project we are totally proud of: We organized the Iceland Volcano Marathon in Lake Mývant area in 2021!)
  • We offer reliable ship handling & cruise service
A Welcome Message

We love our

“We love our destinations. And we love to connect. It’s my personal desire to combine those two passions and strengths in our daily work with our clients. Many years of experience, a valuable network and a heartful passionate team make me confident in offering a professional, reliable and inspiring service to you and your customers. We know our destinations by heart and I’m looking forward to connect with you.”

Ingi Þór Gudmundsson
Owner and Director of Nonni Travel