Our Team

Nonni Travel is proud to be independent, flexible and personal. We are humans, we have a face and we make travel dreams come true for other humans 🙂

Creating tailor-made, private tours for both individuals and groups is our passion. We love all those tiny details that make our work and you trip fun and special.

Here we are…

The team of Nonni Travel represents a passionate mix of tourism experts, nature lovers, artists and travel enthusiasts. It combines valuable local insider knowledge with international expertise and is aware of the demands and needs of international visitors.



Ana M. Korbar

Finance & Operation

Ana is born and raised in Slovenia and first arrived in Iceland in January 1990. With growing daylight and approaching summer she fell in love with the country and decided to move to the North eventually. During that time she became impressively Icelandic: swimming and hot tubs are one of her favourites and she is currently singing in two local choirs. Other than that she loves traveling, biking, photography, reading, great food and learning new things. …and of course: the Icelandic nature.

Caroline Bjarnason

Sales & Production

Caroline, originally from the UK but living in North Iceland with her family since 2005, is a true advocate for the Nordic winter! If you are still doubting if winter is the right time for your trip to Iceland or Greenland – Caroline will make your doubts melt away. One of her most impressive life time experience was seeing a green ribbon of Northern Lights dancing alongside the plane, when travelling from Greenland to Iceland. Nordic nature at its best! She loves to travel at a slower pace and embrace local culture, people and cuisine. And: she is an amazing artist ….oooh her pottery!

Wang Double Zhe

Sales and Marketing

Double is born and based in China and spreads the Nonni Travel voice in her home country and Asia. Her most memorable moment in Iceland was at Dettifoss, a powerful waterfall in the North. It was during her very first trip of many following to Iceland when she approached the waterfall hearing its powerful sound long time before she could finally see it. The view was overwhelming but as with many other things in life, it often is the journey that is worth our attention aswell. Double loves to play badminton and to watch football and basketball. Her favourite football team is Argentina …well, and Iceland, seriously.

Teodora Nonni Travel

Teodora Tileva

Travel Consultant

Teodora, born in Bulgaria and fascinated by the Nordic countries decided to study Scandinavian studies in Germany before she eventually headed North and made Iceland her home. She loves to travel around the country and if she is not in the office, you can find her exploring Iceland with her family and most probably enjoying the warm geothermal waters of Iceland. Her inspiring goal is to visit all swimming pools in Iceland! Teodora’s favourite place are the West Fjords, because of – have a guess – the many natural hot pots in this region and the breath-taking nature.

Nonni Travel Annick

Annick Ulbrich

Travel Consultant

Annick, born in Germany, first talked about living in Iceland when she was a child of 9 years. 20 years later she fulfilled that dream of hers. Annick loves riding the Icelandic horse, no matter if at sunshine or under the northern lights. She is as well hooked on playing frisbee golf and she totally enjoys going camping and hiking. Her most favourite place in Iceland is Borgarfjörður Eystri and her most magical moment was right there: when she came out of her tent one special morning end of May and for the first time in her life it was snowing at her birthday. Iceland never ceases to surprise us!

Zsanett Barbara Nagy

Zsanett Barbara Nagy

Travel Consultant

Zsanett, originally from Hungary, loves the North! After finishing her studies in tourism she gained work experience in Scotland before she settled with her husband further North in beautiful Iceland. In her free-time she loves to explore the country traveling the famous Ring Road – especially in winter when the enchanting winter wonderland and breathtaking landscape keep surprising her. She always finds new hidden gems along the road. Her place to be for sunrise is Seljalandsfoss and for sunset Jökulsárlón. One of her most breath-taking moments was during whale watching when she experienced the giants of the ocean at arm’s length.

Stephanie Schwarz


Steph’s roots are German but she considers herself a world citizen ever since she started traveling and living abroad in her early twenties. Her actual job title is: Spreading Nonni Travel Magic around the world. But for business sake: let’s call it Marketing. Besides her family one of her big loves in life is nature and the outdoors, which make the Nordic Countries her perfect place to be. Steph loves to explore the beauty of Iceland and there is plenty of it: the majestic mountains of Eyjafjördur as well as the colourful details of a bird or the unknown, little waterfall just around the corner of the famous one …Iceland will definitely keep her busy.

Ingi Thor Gudmundsson

Ingi Þór Guðmundsson

Owner & CEO

Ingi Þór, or Ingi Thor as some call him, has a true passion for both traveling and the Arctic North. That makes his job being the perfect one for him: he loves to share his passion with Nonni Travel clients and partners from all over the world. He is pretty sporty as well: he used to play handball and nowadays he enjoys skiing, hiking, being in nature and most of all, spending time with his family. His favourite place is Igaliko in South Greenland. He feels something special and magical there. Maybe that’s because he saw his most amazing Northern Lights (and yes, he saw many!) laying in the grass in Igaliko one September evening.