Tourists are back in Iceland! Covid regulations in Iceland are opening up and airlines are increasing their direct flights to Iceland. A relief goes through the society and day by day we see more tourists arriving and enjoying the beautiful Icelandic spring. It is similar for the Faroe Islands.

We, working in tourism ourselves, celebrate every traveler visiting our countries in the Arctic North in these very special days. We love to listen to their travel stories and their inspiring decision making process – many of them see the opportunity to travel now and are spontanous as never before. Bye bye long term planning.

Many of the travelers arriving in Iceland these days are vaccinated, but many are not, which means (according to regulations today, end of May 2021) they go into a 5 days quarantine before they can start to explore the beauty of our country. Isn’t that a huge compliment for our country? Tourists are willing to give away 5 days of their precious vacation time to be able to experience our country!

Those travelers inspired me to write this blog and hopefully give you a feeling for why traveling to Iceland is pretty uncomplicated in these days and so worth it. In case you want to travel but still feel hesitant and insecure, I hope this article can bring you some excitement and confidence.

1. Active volcano eruption going on
End of March 2021 Geldingadalir Volcano in the Southwest of Iceland started to erupt and is since then providing us with spectacular impressions of force of nature. Iceland reacted fast and hiking trails were built to make the area more accessable for both locals and tourist. Did you ever want to feel the heat of an active volcano right next to you? Well, here is your chance. Just one month ago, some of our clients had no idea that they will visit Iceland in the near future. And: here they are, enjoying the volcano and this true once in a lifetime experience!

2. Almost Covid free and vaccinated
Yes, we feel you! After more than 1 year of Covid reality, restrictions, masks, lockdowns and closed borders it might feel odd that there are people out there who enter airplanes and travel again. But: there are! Here they are embracing Icelandic spring, having fun whale watching and enjoying Nordic cuisine in our restaurants. Traveling to Iceland is actually quite uncomplicated and easy (please find official travel and entry regulations for Iceland here).

There is an energy of relief going through the Icelandic society, since 2 days ago it isn’t even required anymore to wear a mask (except for larger concerts) and we love to share that sense of freedom and normality with the tourists. Iceland has from the start reacted quite fast and strict regarding Covid regulations and measurements. At this point, end of May 2021, more than 50% of the population has received at least their first dose of vaccination and being almost Covid free with only a very few cases per day, there is a certain post-Covid atmosphere laying in the air. As regulations can always change, please follow our current statistics, regulations and measurements in several languages on

3. Breathtaking nature – without crowd
I guess we don’t have to convince you that Iceland’s nature is simply breathtaking. In case you don’t know yet: it really is. There are many remote places in Iceland and even before Covid when thousands of visitors traveled to Iceland, there were plenty paths off the beaten track. The extra bonus today though: even the main tourist attractions are still pretty empty these days. So if you ever wanted to walk behind a waterfall by yourself or admire a Geysir without a crowd: your chance is NOW.

4. Spring love and long summer nights
Yeah, we are heading into summer and right below the Arctic circle this means almost never ending daylight and a sun that just sets quickly over the ocean before rising again. Are you ready for another beautiful summer day? Nature and people are filled up with the energy of the long days, flower meadows are blossoming, forests seem greener than elsewhere and birds singing their happy summer songs.

5. Remote or not remote: you choose
If you want to stay away from big cities or crowds and instead indulge in nature, then Iceland and the Faroe Islands are your best choice. Both places offer stunning nature and wild remoteness. Iceland as a country itself only has 350.000 inhabitants and plenty space for all of us 🙂 But if you are coming out of a tough period of lock-downs and are longing for social contacts: Iceland can make this true aswell. Swimming pools, gyms, cafes and restaurants are open and you can even enjoy concerts (considering certain regulations). It’s your choice!

6. Self Drive made easy
Iceland and the Faroe Islands are the perfect destinations for uncomplicated, easy and memorable self drives. Exploring those regions with a rental car is one of the most preferred ways of our customers these days: you are independent and flexible with the perfect combination of being taken care of.

We, at Nonni Travel, offer an exciting selection of self drive tours through Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Whether you want to explore the whole region or focus on a part of it. Visit our Nonni Travel self drive offers for more inspiration or contact us for you very own tailor made itinerary.

Velkomin til Íslands. We can’t wait to serve you!