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Iceland is a dream destination for travelers who love taking road trips in search of memorable images, with spectacular scenery to be found in every part of the country.
Renting a car of your own from Nonni Travel is the best way to truly experience all that Iceland has to offer, and we’ll give you the best safety advice and guidance on the right routes to take too.

On the road

Not only that, but we’re also experts in finding the best places for you to stay as you circle the country, perfectly suiting your budget for accommodation.
The famous Route 1 is a hugely enjoyable highway that links each region of Iceland to the next in a 1300km loop, mostly as a single tarmac carriageway in each direction, but with bumpy gravel sections too, as well as winding mountain passes that might test your driving skills.
On some of the rougher roads, a slower pace is highly recommended, not only to avoid gravel and stones flying up, but also to relish the fabulous views as they unfold in front of you.
The national speed limit is 90km per hour, with most sections set at 80km per hour.
It’s important to stick to these limits as much as possible, in order to avoid hefty speeding fines, particularly in the stretches between Blöndúos and Akureyri, where traffic police radar is deployed.

Iceland roadsA full circuit of Iceland on Route 1 can take any period of time, from a quickfire tour of a week, up to as long as a month, or perhaps even more.
At Nonni Travel, we’ll help you to plan an ideal road trip itinerary for your time in Iceland.
You’ll thank yourself for not rushing your way around anyway, instead taking the time to stop and really savor each place you choose to visit.
After all, you can always come back again and see what you couldn’t fit in this time.
It’ll still be there.

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