Efficient infrastructure and inspiring surroundings build the frame for successful conferences and events in the Arctic North. With 30 years of experience Nonni Travel provides professional organization and management.

The Nonni Travel team will work for and with you to ensure your program is successfully operated and meets the set targets. Logistics such as accommodation, transport, day trip activities are all part of our integrated services.

We service the 3 beautiful Arctic North Islands; Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Please take contact with the Nonni Travel team for further dialog to evaluate if we can fulfill your requirements for hosting your event in one of our beautiful destinations.

Last event:

The Nordic Soroptimist meeting was held in Akureyri from Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th June 2018.
Nonni Travel was taking care of registrations and other organization on behalf of Soroptimist club in Akureyri Iceland.

In connection with the Soroptimist meeting Nonni Travel offered optional excursions for accompanying persons as well as a pre-and post-conference tour.

Upcoming events:

Marathon July 2020
Exclusive landscape with limit of maximum 500 participants.

Past events:

Selection list of our past events and conferences

* Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* Ministry of Health – Nordic Simposium on Traffic Accidents
* Total Quality Management – Fishing Industry
* Soroptimist Nordic Friendship days
* Association of Local Authorities in Iceland
* Culture meeting Nuuk, Greenland
* Oral Tradition in Modern Society
* Nordic Simposium on Solution Oriented Work
* Societies of Vest Norder Area
* Reggio Emilia – New Generation Creative Learning
* Forestry Beyond Timberline
* NJF Plant and Microbe adaptations to winter enviroments in Northern Areas
* Vest Norden Travel Mart in Akureyri, Iceland
* EFG Symposium 2013 in Akureyri, Iceland
* Nordic Soroptimist meeting in Akureyri June 2018, Iceland