Most airlines allow 20kg of language weight. So it is good to know what you really will need for your journey. But, of course, this depends on what you are planning to do and when summer or winter, hiking, skiing or other outdoor activities such as kayaking, dog sledging, staying in hotels or camping.  We would like to give you a general list which reflects our experience about things that should not be missing on a tour to Greenland.  During the summer months similar clothes and equipment are needed for Greenland and Iceland.

Weather protection
To be best prepared for the weather conditions, follow the “onion” multilayer principle!
Adequate outdoor clothing should meet the following criteria:

  • Insulate the body from cold
  • water- and windproof
  • breathable to allow body moisture to escape
  • light, flexible and packable.

Unfortunately no single item of clothing exists that fulfills all of the demands above. The solution is in the onion-principle of multilayers! A 3-layer structure is usually adequate, whereby each has its own specialized purpose: a moisture transfer base layer next to your skin, then one or more adjustable insulating layers, and finally an outer shell to protect you from rain and wind. And of course, you also should not forget:

  • gloves and warm caps
  • comfortable, waterproof shoes

Helpful hints

  • Credit cards are widely used, but some cash [Danish Kroner] is advisable to have on hand.
  • Slippers or thick socks: Greenlanders take off their shoes entering a private house and even many guesthouses
  • Camera equipment: Greenland is a photographer’s paradise and you should ensure to have enough memory cards with you
  • Binoculars: to scout for wildlife