Dogsledging Greenland

How to travel to and in Greenland
Greenland can be reached by scheduled air service from either Iceland or Denmark.  None of the towns in Greenland are connected by roads. The only way to cover long distances is by sea or by air.  A network of scheduled flights, using both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, serves almost every town or village in the country.  Local mail boats (seasonally in some districts) are used for shorter routes while larger ships are used on the coastal route along the west coast.  Greenland has about 20.000 dog sledges and this is still a vital form of transportation during the winter in North and East Greenland. Dog sledges always have the right of way to motorized traffic!

Electricity & communication
All towns and villages have electricity and this is the same as in Europe, 220 V, 50 Hz.  Mobile phone connection is quite good in all towns and in most villages and airports.  Some areas even support 3G.  Outside inhabited areas only satellite phones are of any us. All hotels and many guesthouses offer access to the internet.  

The larger towns have one or more hotels, while smaller towns and some villages usually have one or more guest houses. 

Polar bears are common in North, North East and East Greenland, but can be expected to turn up anywhere in Greenland.  There have even been sightings on the Greenland Icecap!  Local people are very much aware of this danger and often carry fire arms for protection.  If you go out hiking or skiing a lone, ask the locals about the possibility of polar bears.