The Lonely Planet Travel Guide has chosen north Iceland’s Arctic Coast Way as one of 10 essential European destinations to visit in 2019.

Launched in June 2019, this new route will take you away from the crowds and into the beauty of the north, winding it´s way along 800 km of coastline, through 22 villages and breathtaking landscapes.

For those seeking an authentic Icelandic experience, renting a car and heading up north is definitely the way to go this summer.

Arctic Coast Way

Highlights include:

  • 21 fishing villages from Hvammstangi to Bakkafjörður
  • The northernmost point of Iceland and the only place to cross the Arctic Circle
  • Perfect places to see the midnight sun and Northern Lights
  • B0oat crossings to 6 islands
  • Excellent places for whale, seal and bird watching
  • Stunning coastal hikes and a wide selection of outdoor activities
  • 18 geothermal pools
  • Many music and culture festivals and much much more!