The two-story wooden building on a stone basement/ground floor was constructed in 1902.  When acquired by Nonni Travel in 1996 the house had fallen into a stateof disrepair.  Some necessary repairs were carried out almost immediately and in 2005 it was decided to restore the old house to its original “glory” both inside and out. The work has been carried out and overseen be one of the town’s  restoration specialists, Master Carpenter Stefán Jóhannesson.  Naturally many other skilled workersjoined the project from time to time.  The necessity to keep the function of Nonni Travel uninterrupted caused many head-aches and as each section of the house came under attack, the NonniTravel staff suffered as well.  Luckily there were no casualties.  The restoration was completed by the end of 2012 and quite frankly we all deserved that award!



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