At Möðruvellir - Nonni's birth place

At Möðruvellir – Nonni’s birth place

As the weather forecast was quite promising for last Thursday it was decided that we should take the chance for an outing and bike the Nonni Trail. Though it was not as sunny as expected weenjoyed the ride by the old road through the countryside away from the main traffic, observing the birds, sheep and horses along the way. Stops were made at points of interests, such asGáseyri and Skipalón and ended with a picnic lunch at Möðruvellir.





Biking the Nonni TrailBiking the Nonni Trail

Biking the Nonni Trail

Biking the old road along Eyjafjörður



The view over the old fishing factory and remains of the harbour at Dagverðareyri

In Eyjafjörður

Icelandic horses


Waving good-bye to Gáseyri, a place perfect for a stroll along the beach, observing birds or exploring the historic excavation site.

Biking the Nonni Trail

Approaching Skipalón, one of the places often visited by Nonni during his childhood days.

To Skipalón

The old houses of Skipalón in sight!

Harlequin ducks

While crossing the old bridge across Hörgá river we came upon this family of Harlequin ducks (Histrionicus histrionicus)


Approaching the final destination – Möðruvellir

At Möðruvellir

Time to pack up the bikes, enojoy our packed lunch and a cup of coffee before heading back to Akureyri!

At Möðruvellir