Set to open next week, Vök Baths by Urriðavatn lake in the east of Iceland, are new nature baths which will offer floating pools, beer brewed with geothermal water and even geothermal tea!

These floating pools will be the first and only ones of their kind in Iceland. The idea for the resort came from holes which used to form in the ice of Urriðavatn lake, due to the 75º C geothermal water at its bottom, which is now used to heat houses in Egilsstaðir and surroundings.

There are two on-shore pools at the resort, one of which includes a bar. Guests will be able to take a steam bath and cool off afterwards with a cold mist shower.

We are super excited to try this out as soon as we can, and I am sure that many travelers to Iceland will be visiting this latest addition to the geothermal wellness family, which already includes the Blue Lagoon, Fontata Spa and Krauma, just to name a few.

Entrance to Vök Baths can be booked here.

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