End of last year Nonni Travel’s focus was placed on sustainability.  Nonni Travel owner and CEO Ingi Þór Guðmundsson was honoured to be a panellist at the international conference “What Works Tourism 2021” held in Iceland, with leadership of SPI, Social Progress Index. The main focus of this successful conference was sustainability in tourism – a broadly discussed topic that received more attention then ever.

In addition to that, there are lots of interesting studies and research projects focusing on sustainable tourism. One of them, Ingi Þór took part in is JUSTNORTH, a European Project designed to explore the multitude of ethical systems that coexist in the Arctic with the goal of justice, equitable and Sustainable Arctic Economies and Societies. We are excited to see the results of this research specifically dedicated to our market: the Arctic North.

Sustainability has already been an important topic for Nonni Travel for many decades. Within its company history Nonni Travel has even received The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Heidi Andersson Pilot Project Award for excellent work and dedicated participation in linking tourism and conservation in the Arctic. We do feel proud of this reward and take it as part of our daily work to offer our clients sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

“It has been talked a lot about sustainability and protecting our environment. In my opinion every single one of us can contribute by starting or increasing our own actions. To me as the CEO of Nonni Travel this means asking myself every single day: what can Nonni Travel do to contribute to a more sustainable tourism? We always must start with ourselves and be the change that we want to see in the world”, says Ingi Þór.

Nonni Travel focuses on 3 core values around sustainable tourism: Economical, Society & Environmental. Those values provide our team with everyday guidelines and impacts our work. In addition to that we believe in a ripple effect and hope to inspire our partners and clients traveling to Iceland, Greenland & the Faroe Islands.

Nonni Travel newly participated in a very exciting campaign organized and led by the Scandinavian Tourist Boards in the Chinese market, with the goal of increasing worldwide awareness of “sustainable tourism in Nordic countries”. The aim of this project is to offer more sustainable travel products in the Nordic countries to Chinese travellers. Nonni Travel’s submitted products have been selected to be promoted in a WeChat campaign for the Chinese market.

For some inspiration, please find 2 products specifically designed for the needs of Chinese travellers as well as applying the focus of sustainability:

Sustainable Travel: Faroe Islands & Iceland

Sustainable Travel: Iceland & Greenland

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