The Nordic Soroptimist meeting will be held in Akureyri from Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th June 2018.
Nonni Travel is taking care of registrations and other organization on behalf of Soroptimist club in Akureyri Iceland.
For information about the conference please see the Icelandic Soroptimists official website (

It is now closed for online registrations.

In connection with the Soroptimist meeting Nonni Travel offers optional excursions for accompanying persons as well as a pre-and post-conference tour. Following are the descriptions of tours which you can add to your registration:

Optional tours in connection with the Nordic Soroptimist Meeting in Akureyri 22nd – 24th June 2018:

Pre-tour: Kjölur Highland route (22.6.2018).
Hveravellir(for participants and accompanying persons)
Departure from BSÍ terminal in Reykjavík at 08:00. Duration 10-11 hours.
The route leads towards east over Hellisheiði through Hveragerði, Selfoss and Laugarvatn, before the bus proceeds to the Geysir geothermal area, the site of numerous hot springs, Strokkur being the most active one today. A glimpse of the majestic Gullfoss waterfall is next on the agenda, before the drive north, up to the highlands of Kjölur route. The name refers to the plateau between the glaciers Langjökull in the west and Hofsjökull towards east, at an altitude of 650 m above sea level. First stop of the day is in Kerlingarfjöll mountain cabins, a popular stop for hikers often spending 1-2 days hiking in the highlands before continuing the journey. The highland road leads on through the rugged wilderness to the oasis of Hveravellir, with its geothermal hot springs and bathing possibility. After a brief stop the bus continues along the highland road past Blönduvirkjun hydroelectric power station. In Langidalur valley the road joins the ring road no. 1 and the tour ends in Akureyri at approx. 18:30.

Price per person: ISK 18.000

Post-tour: Goðafoss & Lake Mývatn (24.6.2018)
(For participants and accompanying persons)
Departure at 09:00 – duration 7-8 hours.
The tour heads off North along the East coast of Eyjafjörður which offers a panoramic view of Akureyri. Our first stop is at the waterfall of Goðafoss, famed not only for its beauty, but also as the scene of historical events from the saga times.
By noon we arrive at Lake Mývatn, famous for its combination of natural beauty and unique ecology. We begin by driving to the farm of Skútustaðir, named after a saga hero. Today, however, Skútustaðir is better known for its unusually regular pseudo craters which are among the best known in the world. From here there is a good view of Lake Mývatn and the surrounding mountains.
From here we drive along the south side of the lake to Dimmuborgir (Dark Castles), a spectacular maze of strange lava structures, covered with surprisingly lush vegetation. Our next stop is at Grjótagjá, a fissure with underground warm water caves. They were a popular bathing place until the water became too hot during the Krafla fires in the 1970s.
We proceed to the Hverir solfataras (boiling sulphur mudpits) at Námaskarð, these being some of the most spectacular in the country.
A stop is also made at the outdoor Nature Baths near the lake and here you get enough time to soak in the warm, geothermal waters of the beautiful lagoon.
After the stop at Nature Baths we return to Akureyri. Entrance fee and use of towel included in the fee. Remember to bring along your swimsuit! (

Price: ISK 22.000.- (min. 4 passengers)
Included: Transportation, English speaking guide, admission fee to Nature baths and towel rental.

Best of Eyjafjörður (23.6.2018):
(For accompanying persons)
Departure at 10:00 – duration 6 hours.
We drive north along the Eyjafjörður enjoying the views of high mountains and ice-age glacial valleys.
Further along the way we observe the island of Hrísey, a birdwatchers paradise. After driving through the amazing landscape framed by the mountains surrounding the Svarfaðardalur Valley we arrive at the small fishing village of Dalvík. The coastal road takes us further on to a one-lane tunnel to Ólafsfjörður, a small fishing village beautifully set between the fjord and the mountains of Tröllaskagi peninsula. We continue through the next tunnel into the remote Héðinsfjörður which until 2010 had only been accessible from the sea or by hiking accross the mountains. The short stretch between the mountains is a perfect spot for a short photo stop before we continue through the third tunnel to Siglufjörður.
At the peak of the herring fishing period Siglufjörður was the most important and lively fishing town in Iceland, and one of the largest during the herring season. Visiting the award-winning Herring Era museum of Siglufjörður we get a glimpse into these olden times and capture a sense of the atmosphere of days gone by. Though returning to Akureyri via the same route, the scenery passed before will show itself from a completely different perspective. We will make a stop in the village of Hauganes for light lunch and visit the fish factory to see how the fishing process works; from fishing the cod from the ocean – to the moment when they ship the finished product to Italy or Spain. Those brave enough can join “The rotten shark club of Hauganes” – by tasting fermented shark, washing it down with a special brew. The last stop will be at the “Kaldi” microbrewery where you get to taste the most famous local beer!
Price: ISK 19.000 (min 15 passengers)
Included: Transportation, English speaking guide, admission fee to Herring Era museum, light lunch and beer tasting.

Whale watching boat tour (23.6.2018)
(For accompanying persons).
Departure at 09:00 – duration 3 hours.
Humpback and minke whales, dolphins and porpoises are commonly spotted during these popular tours. To ensure that the animals are not disturbed by our presence, we sail at a constant speed towards the whales’ habitat. As a result, a variety of species, from humpback whales to tiny porpoises, often surface close to the boat. Departing from Oddeyrarbót pier right in the heart of Akureyri town this 3-hour tour takes you out cruising through prime whale viewing areas. The tour offers the full whale watching and wildlife experience with professional guides that help to enrich your knowledge and understanding of the fjord‘s ecosystem, geology, history and folklore.

Price per person: ISK 10.990

Horseback riding tour (23.6.2018)
(For accompanying persons).

Departure at 10:00 or 14:00 – duration approx. 2 hours.
The Eyjafjörður area offers a variety of choices for horseback riding in different surroundings and is a perfect place for those who wish to enjoy either short or longer rides. A wonderful opportunity to learn about Icelandic horse under expert supervision. Skjaldarvík guesthouse from where the riding tours start is approx. 5 km north of Akureyri on the western side of Eyjafjörður. The approx. 2-hour tour includes 1½ hour on horseback. You will follow trails along the seashore and then up to the hills surrounding Eyjafjorður. After your ride you can either return directly to Akureyri or use the opportunity to relax in the hot tub at the farm, overlooking the sea (don’t forget bathing suit and towel).

Price per person: ISK 10.900
Included hotel pick up (30 min.before departure), light coffee refreshments and optional use of hot tub after the tour.