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Yesterday and today we had some positives news: borderlines open again in our three destinations Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands from the 15th of June. Some restrictions are established and all the nationalities are not allowed yet to come because your safety is our priority. But this is a first positive step that will probably bring others one in the few next weeks.

Traveling to Iceland:

Today our prime minister Katrin Jakobsdottir has explained more details about the process of tourists entering Iceland from 15 of June.

The most important news about the procedure:

  • unlike previously announced Iceland will not accept health certificates from abroad upon arrival
  • tourists who enter Iceland can choose to be tested for Covid-19 at the airport/entry point of arrival or quarantine for two weeks
  • while waiting for results (which will likely arrive the same day or next day if tourist arrives in the evening), tourists can go to their accomodation (and must follow certain guidelines of precaution)
  • tests will be free from 15 – 30 June and will cost 15.000 ISK (about 100 €) per person from 1st of July (to be paid by tourist)
  • this procedure will be re-assessed every two weeks

Please find here the official information of the governement of Iceland.


Greenland opens its doors for tourists from Denmark, Norway, Germany, Iceland and Faroe Islands on 15 of June. Tourists holding a passport or permanent residence from above countries must show a maximum 5 day old Covid test and go into quarantine until being re-tested again after 5 days. The quarantine ends if this test is negative.

Quarantine means that you should stay at home/in your accomodation as much as possible. You can go for walks and hikes but should restrict grocery shopping and contact with other people.

The Tourism Board Visit Greenland offers this good summary on how to enter Greenland from 15. June.

Faroe Islands

Aswell the Faroe Islands plan to re-open borders for visitors from Germany, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Denmark on 15 June. Tourists will be able to enter without the need to self-quarantine and the Faroe Islands will announce further details as soon as possible.

We, at Nonni Travel, feel hopeful that our governments  implement wise and realistic regulations and measurements for tourists to visit and enjoy our destinations while keeping up necessary measurements to ensure a safe and health-conscious way of traveling and interacting.

We don’t know if or when there will be a “back to normal”, but we do know that all of us will appreciate the beauty of nature and the freedom of traveling more after this experience. Let’s create a more conscious tomorrow together!

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