As many of you know by now, having been in the world news, a new volcano eruption has started in Iceland, in Geldingadalur at Fagradalsfjall mountain. Tourist from all over the world have started to travel to Iceland to see this amazing volcano.

The US-TV show “Good morning America” has featured our wonderful volcano eruption in Iceland. It is simply breathtaking and unique! Enjoy this material from the US- journalist catching the unique atmosphere that we experience in Iceland right now.

Iceland’s active volcano becomes a tourist hotspot | GMA (

Also our dear colleague Caroline at Nonni Travel has traveled from our office location in North Iceland to the volcano site in the South to experience this once in a lifetime moment up close.  Are you ready for goosebumps? Here is her report:

Tourist friendly Eruption in Iceland 2021 in Geldingadalur at Fagradalsfjall

We look forward seeing you in Iceland!

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