Narsarsuaq Greenland

4 Day Tour to Narsarsuaq – Greenland

Experience amazing Narsarsuaq and south Greenland which is famous for its Norse history and blue icebergs. Explore the historic site of Igaliku and Qassiarsuk. Go on an unforgettable boat ride into the Qooroq Ice Fjord, where 200,000 tons of ice calves from the glacier front every day.

Icebergs and glaciers
Boat tour in Qooroq ice fjord
Narsarsuaq – the gateway to South Greenland
A house in Itilleq near Sisimiut in Greenland

8 Day Tour Qaqortoq in Greenland

Experience the life in the pretty towns Qarqortoq and Narsaq in Greenland. Narsaq town lies amongst luxuriant hills surrounded by glacier ice. Qaqortoq town is a mix of old charming colony houses a modern Inuit life. The four days filled with “urban life” makes a sharp contrast to the delightful quietness, warmth and undisturbed paradise of Igaliku village. Visit historic sites and a boat cruise among the amazing blue icebergs of the Qooroq Ice Fjord.

Narsaq and the surroundings
Qassiarsuk historical site
Sailing amongst the icebergs
Igaliku village