Having thorough knowledge of the geography of the Arctic region and its infrastructure Nonni Travel has often been requested to take on other tasks normally not conducted by travel agencies namely Ship Handling and Logistical Services to expeditions.

  • Well-connected and mobile, the Team of Nonni Travel regularly handles cruise ships and research ships in ports all around the Arctic North, mainly in Iceland. In many cases this has included excursions for passengers and crew.
  • Our connections with local communities, local airlines and shipping companies and last but not least our knowledge of the infrastructure in Greenland has regularly led Nonni Travel to undertake logistical services for expeditions and scientific projects in Greenland, specially to East and North East Greenland.

Nonni Travel, founded in 1988, started to service Cruise ships and Ship handling in the year 1995. Nonni Travel´s main focus today is on small and medium size ships. Nonni Travel, as rewarded for sustainability in the Arctic, focuses highly on sustainability and on finding a balance ships and passengers have on the economy and environment of our destinations. One of our slogans is; Keep Arctic clean.

As a ship handling agent Nonni Travel can be responsible for:

  • Mediation of messages and information between ship and harbour and customs authorities;
  • Customs clearance and completion of other official documents pertaining to the ships visit;
  • Payment of harbour and customs fees, to be reimbursed
  • Supplying of the ship as necessary;
  • Assistance in obtaining spare parts, arranging repairs and change of crew;
  • Assistance with respect to extra ordinary occurrences, such as illness of passengers or crews or accidents
  • Any other service that is normal for ships’ handling agents to perform.
  • And more.

Upcoming ship handling:

June 2020:
2 round trips around Iceland, Circumnavigation, 180 passengers on each round trip.

September 2020:
Arrival of 200 passengers and crew to Reykjavík, Iceland

Shore excursions for cruise ship passengers

Nonni Travel offers a wide online selection of Day tours for cruise ship passengers.
If you are looking for a private tour Nonni Travel can organise an exclusive guided excursion tailored to your preferences. Request your private tour for cruise ship passengers here.
Please take contact with Nonni Travel team for further dialog to evaluate if we can fulfill your requirements for hosting your ship in one of our beautiful destinations.